Postmortem Lividity

from by Seprevation



Devouring the flesh of the dead…

Reality has now passed
Your mortality I have grasped
Fatality in sight
This the final task
Reeking of tranquillity
My pleasures now unmasked

Dragged across the floor
Brains beat to the ground
Gutted with a hacksaw
No mercy to be found

Shadowed broken form
Skull fractured and smashed
Putrid pile of massacred mess
With flesh flayed and slashed
As I devour the soul of the dead…

(Solo – Aston)

Assorted selection of repulsive guts
Made only worse by the infested cuts
Asphyxiation of the victim’s throat
Nails dug in, bruised and choked

Stiff and cold
Eradicating carnage, a corroding slaughter
Devouring flesh
A bloodshed deteriorated fragile young mind

Postmortem lividity
Evil rising
Bloodied creativity
A living monstrosity
Pain dividing
Induce my sick philosophy

(Solo – Aston)

Puss now leaking
Brains obliterated
No future but maggots and rot

A plague ridden
Disease bitten
Grotesque quarantined stench

A plague ridden
Disease bitten
Grotesque quarantined stench
Grotesque quarantined stench


from Consumed, released May 10, 2014
Music: Farrington
Lyrics: Tupman / Farrington



all rights reserved


Seprevation Bristol, UK

"Truly evil sounding death metal from Bristol, true to the 80's and 90's masters" - Terrorizer Magazine

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